Scottish Crucible. Round 2.

Round 2. Ding Ding. The 2017 Scottish Crucible’s second lab was graciously hosted by Stirling University on June 1-2 and it rocked the campus. Literally. There was a blue man. A dinosaur. Drawing. Dancing. Sumptuous vistas. Oh yeah, there was a pretty nice castle too! It began with this view. Good morning @ScotCrucible and goodbyeContinue reading “Scottish Crucible. Round 2.”


A friend and colleague was recently interviewed about Scotland and Scottish History; and I’m pleased to republish the transcript here. Interview with Matthew Dziennik Originally posted on December 18, 2016 at GaelicUSA …on Scottish Highland military history, engagement with empire, stereotypes of natives, and more … Matthew Dziennik was raised in the village of KingussieContinue reading “INTERVIEW DR. MATTHEW DZIENNIK”