Frequent question: How can I legally Market CBD?

How do I advertise my CBD products?

Like any other industry, CBD brands should still have an eye on paid media as an acquisition strategy.

  1. Display Advertising. Just because Google has barred CBD ads doesn’t mean that display advertising isn’t possible. …
  2. Influencer Marketing. …
  3. Native Advertising. …
  4. Affiliate Marketing. …
  5. Podcast Ads.


Is Market CBD illegal?

No. There are no other FDA-approved drug products that contain CBD. We are aware that some firms are marketing CBD products to treat diseases or for other therapeutic uses , and we have issued several warning letters to such firms.

Can I advertise CBD?

“Advertisers can run [Facebook] ads that direct to landing pages that feature ingestible hemp and topical CBD. But the ads cannot specifically feature those products. Facebook is still prohibiting ads for ingestible CBD, including ads that direct to landing pages with those products.”

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook 2020?

But the ads cannot specifically feature those products. Facebook is still prohibiting ads for ingestible CBD, including ads that direct to landing pages with those products. … “Our policy remains the same: We don’t allow people to promote CBD or ingestible hemp on Facebook.

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Does CBD really do anything?

CBD is advertised as providing relief for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also marketed to promote sleep. Part of CBD’s popularity is that it purports to be “nonpsychoactive,” and that consumers can reap health benefits from the plant without the high (or the midnight pizza munchies).

What drugs should not be taken with CBD?

CBD can alter the effects of other drugs

  • a common blood thinner, warfarin.
  • a heart rhythm medication, amiodarone.
  • a thyroid medication, levothyroxine.
  • several medications for seizure, including clobazam, lamotrigine, and valproate.


Who is the target market for CBD products?

According to recent research, US adults between 25 and 35 years of age use CBD more than those in other age groups. The report also found that men are more likely to use CBD than women. However, a Gallup study stated that women are more likely to use it for anxiety than men.

Can you advertise CBD Instagram 2020?

Facebook & Instagram do allow you to advertise hemp-based topical products only. The only restrictions are that you can have no mention of CBD in your ad copywriting, your ad creative, your landing page, your product labels, and on your e-commerce page – the page where the sale takes place.

Where can I promote CBD?

CBD Advertising: 6 Ways to Promote Your CBD Brand

  • 1 – Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing allows brands to reach a wider audience on social by tapping into the communities of tastemakers in relevant industries. …
  • 2 – Affiliate Marketing. …
  • 3 – Native Advertising. …
  • 4 – Content Syndication. …
  • 5 – Out-of-Home. …
  • 6 – Podcast Ads.
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Can you run Google ads for CBD?

Advertising on Google is currently prohibited for companies selling products containing CBD. The tech giant lists cannabidiol under its unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements for its ad platform, so CBD brands have to rely on search engine optimization to appear higher in search engine results.

Can you advertise CBD on social media?

As of June 26, 2019, Facebook announced it would be lifting its ban on CBD products, meaning that advertisers can now publish ads promoting topical hemp products via the social networking platform.

What age group uses CBD the most?

What age group uses CBD the most? CBD use is most common in populations ages 18-34, according to a recent SingleCare survey.

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