What drugs interact with olanzapine?

What drugs should not be taken with Zyprexa?

Serious Interactions


Who shouldnt take olanzapine?

Warnings for people with certain health conditions. For people with Alzheimer’s disease: Olanzapine isn’t approved to treat dementia-related psychosis or Alzheimer’s disease. Olanzapine raises the risk of death in seniors (ages 65 years or older) with dementia-related psychosis.

Can ibuprofen be taken with olanzapine?

No interactions were found between ibuprofen and olanzapine.

Can you take antacids with olanzapine?

Diazepam — The co-administration of diazepam with olanzapine potentiated the orthostatic hypotension observed with olanzapine. Cimetidine and Antacids — Single doses of cimetidine (800 mg) or aluminum- and magnesium-containing antacids did not affect the oral bioavailability of olanzapine.

How does Olanzapine make you feel?

It is also known as a second generation antipsychotic (SGA) or atypical antipsychotic. Olanzapine rebalances dopamine and serotonin to improve thinking, mood, and behavior. Symptoms of schizophrenia include: Hallucinations — imagined voices or images that seem real.

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Does olanzapine calm you down?

Olanzapine gave me that opportunity in a way; it gave me peace for the first time in months. It didn’t stop the pain or the anxiety, but it gave me the ability to rest, sleep, and relax.

What are the long term side effects of olanzapine?

The biggest disadvantages of Zyprexa are the potential long-term side effects, which can include tardive dyskinesia, increased blood sugar, and weight gain.

The common side effects of Zyprexa can include:

  • Drowsiness.
  • Restlessness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Depression.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Unusual behavior.
  • Constipation.
  • Trouble walking.


Does olanzapine cause brain damage?

Sustained use of the antipsychotic olanzapine in patients with remitted psychotic depression was associated with a thinning of the cortex, when compared with placebo, according to a study published online in JAMA Psychiatry.

Is olanzapine a good drug?

Olanzapine has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 761 ratings on Drugs.com. 47% of users who reviewed this medication reported a positive effect, while 31% reported a negative effect.

Can you take pain killers with olanzapine?

Painkillers and olanzapine

It’s fine to take paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen with olanzapine, assuming these are appropriate for you. If you find olanzapine makes you drowsy or constipated, it’s best to avoid taking co-codamol, because this painkiller could make these problems worse.

Can I take Tylenol with olanzapine?

Interactions between your drugs

No interactions were found between olanzapine and Tylenol. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.

Does olanzapine help with sleep?

Olanzapine seems to preserve the normal structure of sleep and increase the amount of slow-wave sleep, which might be of additional benefit in treatment of schizophrenia. The effective clinical dose may be lower for females than males.

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What time of day should olanzapine be taken?

It is usually recommended to take olanzapine at bedtime because it can cause sleepiness as a side effect. However, it is important to choose a time of day to take it that you can easily remember, which could be bedtime, a mealtime, or when you brush your teeth. You can take it before or after food.

What is Olanzapine 5mg used for?

Olanzapine is an antipsychotic medication that is used to treat psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (manic depression) in adults and children at least 13 years old.

Do you have to take olanzapine every day?

Effects are long lasting, so olanzapine should be dosed once a day; however, it may take several weeks of continued dosing before a reduction in symptoms is seen.

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