How does the Beck Depression Inventory work?

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a 21-item, multiple-choice inventory. Respondents are asked to rate each item based on four response choices according to the severity of the symptoms, ranging from the absence of a symptom to an intense level, during the past week.

How do you use the Beck Depression Inventory?

The Beck Depression Inventory can be self-scored and administered from a person’s home or in a clinical setting. In the 21-item, multiple choice questionnaire, a person is asked to rate 21 symptoms and attitudes of depression on a scale of zero to three to best reflect their level of intensity.

How is BDI scored?

The BDI-II is scored by summing the ratings for the 21 items. Each item is rated on a 4-point scale ranging from 0 to 3. The maximum total score is 63. Special attention must be paid to the correct scoring of the Changes in Sleeping Pattern (Item 16) and Changes in Appetite (Item 18) items.

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Is Beck Depression Inventory good?

In this respect, the BDI-II is positively correlated with the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale with a Pearson r of 0.71, showing good agreement. The test was also shown to have a high one-week test–retest reliability (Pearson r =0.93), suggesting that it was not overly sensitive to daily variations in mood.

What are the questions on the Beck Depression Inventory?

0 I get as much satisfaction out of things as I used to. 1 I don’t enjoy things the way I used to. 2 I don’t get real satisfaction out of anything anymore. 3 I am dissatisfied or bored with everything.

How long does it take to administer Beck Depression Inventory?

The BDI-II is a 21-item measure that assesses frequency and severity of depressive symptoms experienced in the past 2 weeks on a four-point Guttman scale (Beck et al., 1996). It takes 10 min to administer.

How do you interpret the Beck Depression Inventory 2?

The following guidelines have been suggested to interpret the BDI-II (3): minimal range = 0–13, mild depression = 14–19, moderate depression = 20–28, and severe depression = 29–63.

What is the best Depression Inventory?

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is widely used to screen for depression and to measure behavioral manifestations and severity of depression. The BDI can be used for ages 13 to 80. The inventory contains 21 self-report items which individuals complete using multiple choice response formats.

Is the Beck Depression Inventory qualitative or quantitative?

The Beck depression and anxiety inventories provided numerical data and the qualitative component elaborated on the numerical relationships, helping to make sense of the numbers.

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What is a high score on the Beck Depression Inventory?

Cut-off score guidelines for the BDI-II are given with the recommendation that thresholds be adjusted based on the characteristics of the sample, and the purpose for use of the BDI-II. Total score of 0–13 is considered minimal range, 14–19 is mild, 20–28 is moderate, and 29–63 is severe.

What is the validity of Beck Depression Inventory?

Criterion validity of the BDI-II is positively correlated with the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (r = 0.71) with a high 1 week test-retest reliability r = 0.93 (suggesting robustness against daily variations in mood) and an internal consistency of α = 91 [4].

How reliable is the Beck Anxiety Inventory?

Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

The BAI consists of 21 items rated on a 4-point Likert scale from 0 (not at all) to 3 (severely). The first validation study of BAI reports 0.93 for internal consistency and 0.84 for test-retest reliability (34).

What theory is the Beck Depression Inventory based on?

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a 21-item self-reporting questionnaire for evaluating the severity of depression in normal and psychiatric populations [1,2]. Developed by Beck et al. in 1961, it relied on the theory of negative cognitive distortions as central to depression [3].

How do you score Beck Anxiety Inventory?

The values for each item are summed yielding an overall or total score for all 21 symptoms that can range between 0 and 63 points. A total score of 0 – 7 is interpreted as a “Minimal” level of anxiety; 8 – 15 as “Mild”; 16 – 25 as “Moderate”, and; 26 – 63 as “Severe”.

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What qualifies as clinical depression?

Signs and symptoms of clinical depression may include: Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness. Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters. Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies or sports.

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