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Newspapers Op-eds

* ‘The return of reefer madness,’ Washington Post [April, 2019]

* ‘Cancer Controversies and Alternative Medicine,’ Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon Star Phoenix [July 26, 2017]

* ‘Why Aren’t we Regulating E-Cigarettes?,’ Regina Leader-Post [May 16, 2016]

* ‘Clarify Pot Policy for Veterans,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [May 6, 2016]

* ‘Plasma Donation System Needs Vigorous Debate,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [February 18, 2016].

* ‘Paying for Plasma Contentious in Health Care,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [February 1, 2016]

* ‘Future of Marijuana Blurry,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [December 4, 2015].

* ‘Pot Problems Have a Familiar Ring,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [September 18, 2015].

* ‘Saskatchewan in Middle of Pot Predicament,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [July 6, 2015].

* ‘Let’s Get Proactive with E-cigarettes,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [April 24, 2015].

* ‘Lot of Smoke and Mirrors with Vape Policy,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [November 28, 2014]

* ‘Politics of Pain and Pills at CMA,’ Saskatoon Star Phoenix [August 21, 2014].


* Interviewed for Mad in America, ‘Psychiatry and the Counterculture,’ by Richard Sears [January 27, 2021]

*Interviewed for Refinery29, ‘What Hustlers’ Ketamine-MDMA Drug Cocktail Would Really Do,’ by Erika Smith [September 16, 2019]

* Interviewed for Reuters Thomson, ‘Drug buyers’ clubs aim to tackle HIV prevention ‘crisis‘’, by Sonia Elks [December 3, 2018]

* Interviewed for Global Television Evening News, ‘Changes to medical marijuana rules allow authorized users to grow their own,’ by Jacqueline Wilson [August 14, 2016].

* Interviewed for Canadian HR Reporter, ‘Increasing use of marijuana could cause problems on the job,’ by Sarah Dobson [June 13, 2016].

Drug Testing & Enforcement
Drug Testing & Enforcement (2)

* Interviewed for Saskatoon Star Phoenix, ‘Pot may curb alcohol abuse in P.A., report indicates,’ by Charles Hamilton [April 14, 2016].

* Interviewed for Global Television Evening News, ‘Mixed reviews for federal marijuana court decision,’ by Jacqueline Wilson [February 25, 2016].

* Radio Broadcast. Blue Sky with Garth Materie. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [February 25, 2016].

* Interviewed for Saskatoon Star Phoenix, ‘Legal pot won’t affect workplace drug testing, expert says,’ by Alex MacPherson [February 11, 2016]

* Interviewed by Global Television Evening News, ‘Saskatoon pot dispensary owner calls police gutless after raid,’ by Joel Senick [October 30, 2015]

* Interviewed by CBC Evening News, ‘Saskatoon top place in Canada to be charged for marijuana possession,’ by Kathy Fitzpatrick [September 30, 2015]

* Interviewed for Reginal Leader-Post, ‘Federal Election further clouds Saskatchewan’s marijuana industry,’ by D.C. Fraser [September 11, 2015].

* Interviewed for The Sheaf, ‘What’s in a Flag: UofS Perspectives,’ by Zach Tennant [August 30, 2015]

* Interviewed for CTV News Evening News, ‘Store owner pulls Confederate flags,’ by Matt Young [August 23, 2015]