Break on Through

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“In the 1960s and 1970s new pharmacology revolutionized psychiatry. But radical social, economic, and political formations simultaneously demanded a very different kind of mental medicine. This lively and richly interdisciplinary book charts how profound shifts within both medicine and society—and in relations between them—transformed modern American attitudes.”

– Rab Houston, School of History, University of St Andrews; author of Autism in History (with Uta Frith)

“Break On Through is a fascinating history of the blossoming of ‘countercultural’ approaches to mental illness and its treatment in the 1970s. By exploring the mental health ‘fringe’—radical psychiatry, the human potential movement, parapsychology, and psychedelic drugs—Lucas Richert offers a bold, fresh perspective on ‘mainstream’ psychiatry and psychology in the late twentieth century. Break On Through will interest not only scholars of post-1970 America but also policymakers seeking insight into today’s mental health care challenges.”

– Nancy Tomes, SUNY Distinguished Professor of History, Stony Brook University

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