LSD is Back – And it’s Legit!

My colleague, mentor, and friend, Erika Dyck, is making waves on the airwaves. The topic is LSD, the focus of her excellent first book, Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD From Clinic to Campus. She recently was interviewed in the U.S., but even more recently she was interviewed by the CBC here at home. The story can beContinue reading “LSD is Back – And it’s Legit!”

Cannabis Conundrum in Canada

I recently wrote on Canada’s changing medical marijuana laws for and a number of other sources. See below: On June 11, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadians with a valid prescription could take medical marijuana in other forms besides just a dried form. In short, the Supreme Court enlarged the definition ofContinue reading “Cannabis Conundrum in Canada”

Habitus and Drug Using Environments: Health, Place, and Lived-Experience

Where do we inject drugs? What do the actual places look like? Are they grimy? Or well-maintained? And, more importantly, what can we glean from drug-using environments around the UK? In Stephen Parkin’s new book, we get a sense of this – and so much more. I reviewed his 2013 monograph for Sociology of HealthContinue reading “Habitus and Drug Using Environments: Health, Place, and Lived-Experience”

It’s Time for Dr. Oz to Hit the Yellow Brick Road

Doctors should not be cheerleaders. They shouldn’t be flowery with their language about weight-loss treatments. And they sure as hell shouldn’t pitch miracle cures to the public. This is why Dr. Mehmet Oz must be exposed. He should be removed from his position at Columbia University and shown the Yellow Brick Road. He first cameContinue reading “It’s Time for Dr. Oz to Hit the Yellow Brick Road”

Lucas Richert wins book prize

I’m delighted to announce that my book on the FDA has won an award. Go to to see the announcement. History Sessional Lecturer Lucas Richert Wins Book Prize Dr. Lucas Richert is the winner of the 2015 Arthur Miller Centre First Book Prize for American Studies. It was awarded by the British Association for AmericanContinue reading “Lucas Richert wins book prize”

LSD Has Wondrous Potential

The return of LSD? Call it a comeback? Maybe, maybe not. Has LSD Matured? The Return of Psychedelic R&D By Lucas Richert and Erika Dyck In February 2014, Scientific American surprised readers with an editorial that called for an end to the ban on psychedelic drug research and criticized drug regulators for limiting access toContinue reading “LSD Has Wondrous Potential”

Is it Time to Treat Heroin Addiction…with Heroin?

This article was posted on and Heroin as treatment? The calculations of a new ‘junk’ equation By Lucas Richert “I have learned the junk equation,” wrote William Burroughs in his semi-autobiographical 1953 book, Junkie. “Junk is not, like alcohol or weed, a means to increase enjoyment of life. Junk is not aContinue reading “Is it Time to Treat Heroin Addiction…with Heroin?”

Can Ketamine Fight Depression?

Drugs in Society. Rampant Depression. And Ketamine, also known as Special K. It’s not just a breakfast cereal. Go to to view the entire post Special K and Depression By Lucas Richert Published December 18, 2014 Special K is not just a breakfast cereal and party drug. Also known as ketamine, it has longContinue reading “Can Ketamine Fight Depression?”