Climate change isn’t your fault, by Justin Fisher

This excellent post by Justin Fisher deserves attention! And a big wide audience. Please do take the time to read.


“You’re part of the problem. You depend on fossil fuels every day.” You hear this a lot when you talk about climate change, especially if you live in a place like Saskatchewan. Whether it’s coming from oil industry PR people, forever-eager online commentators, or even family and friends (the latter two quite expertly influenced by the former), the message is always the same: you’re a hypocrite; we all need fossil fuels to survive and that’s the end of it. It’s a seductive argument, too, because in a sense it’s true. As individuals, we consume massive amounts of energy just surviving, let alone pursuing activities we really enjoy (like, say, travelling). Many of our livelihoods depend on it. But, despite this, you can rest assured – climate change isn’t really your fault. Although oil industry folks love for you to think that it’s all about you, it’s really all about…

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