Why is marijuana legal in Vancouver and not Saskatoon?

This is what Les MacPherson asks in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Canada is a country, right? Canadian law is supposed to apply equally, everywhere, to all of us, right?

So why is marijuana openly for sale by retailers all over Vancouver and Victoria, while elsewhere in the country, people still are getting busted for a lousy joint?

That’s more like two different countries than one country.

In Vancouver and Victoria, the retail business operates under the rubric of medical marijuana. Hardly anyone takes this medical aspect seriously. To buy a sack of weed, you need only present a prescription or facsimile thereof. It doesn’t even have to be a prescription for medical marijuana. Show a prescription for anything — an antibiotic for a sinus infection, an anti-inflammatory for a sprained ankle, ointment for a rash … anything — and they will sell you a sack of weed. You can show them an old prescription pill bottle or even a picture on your iPhone of an old pill bottle and they will sell you a sack of weed.

The full article can be found here: http://thestarphoenix.com/opinion/columnists/why-is-marijuana-legal-in-vancouver-and-not-saskatoon

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