Gordon Oakes-Redbear Student Centre

It is simply awesome that the the G. Oakes-Redbear Student Centre is nearly open. The finishing touches are being put on the building right now. As it stands, it looks like this. And it will only look better as the University of Saskatchewan prepares for the grand opening.

g redbear

I firmly believe that this will augur in a new era at the university and it’s fitting that the recently-named president of the institution, Peter Stoicheff, has called for a process of indigenization.

I just finished and reviewed an excellent book on Native Diasporas in the United States and couldn’t help but think about how the USask has the potential to be a world leader.ProductImageHandlerIn the introduction to Native Diasporas, Gregory Smithers and Brooke Newman make the case that “social, political, economic, and cultural structures…produced both disjunctures and patterns in the way indigenous Americans spoke about themselves in relation to one another and in relation to colonizers.” (4)

While we’re talking about two different countries, I certainly feel that the Gordon Oakes-Redbear Student Centre will provide a physical space that encourages discussions about these relations. How could it not?


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